Liveshopping in China
What European brands can learn

Live from China and Sweden, our guests are joining together to share how liveshopping works, and how European brands can utilize its strengths while avoiding its downsides.

SEPT 23 , 2021
08:00-09:30 (Berlin)
14:00-15:30 (Beijing)

“Afu” Thomas Derksen

"Afu" Thomas is a German-born internet celebrity living in China. Over 15 million fans follow his daily life and cultural insights. Livestreaming is a key part of his work and part of what made him so popular as a brand.

Emma Lythell

As Vice President of Global Sales at Bambuser, a leading supplier in the live video segment, Emma has over 10 years of experience in growing e-commerce and retail businesses. Emma will share how European brands can utilize livestreaming to transform their customer experience.

Wen Xiaofei

Xiaofei is the Regional Director of AHK Southwest China. He heads and MCs the “Discover Germany” project—a series of livestreams showcasing German brands and companies with over 2.85 million likes.